Benefits Of Nex Gen Website

3rd March, 2014 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Manage Your Own Website

Our Nex Gen webites offers both Car Dealers and other business many benefits. Here are the 10 benefits of our Nex Gen Websites: 1. Simple to use Nex Gen website is simple to use and very easy to learn.  Creating new pages are a simple breeze and are done both fast and easy.  Since the […]

Car Dealer Sales Letter Design Strategies – Tip # 8

20th February, 2014 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Content

Is your Dealership looking for help to design a sales letter? Your layout is very important in a sales letter, because you want your letter to look inviting, refreshing to the eyes. In short, you want your prospect to stop what he’s doing and read your letter. If your prospect sees a letter with tiny […]

Car Dealer Advertising – What Makes Great Copy?

20th February, 2014 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Content

Does your dealership advertise using copy?  Great copy is more than just a sales pitch.  It may tell a sotry such as the way your dealership become number 1, ore it may describe your own experience with vehicle purchasing or getting the best price. Those dealers who have experience in copywriting will always try to […]

Retailer Superpowers for Business

17th January, 2014 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Managing Your Dealership

The National Retail Federation’s BIG Show 2014 was held on January 12-15 / 2014 held in New York City. On the final day of breakout sessions, The Cult Branding Company founder BJ Bueno; and Life Is Good founder Bert Jacobs took to the stage. The conference session started with a discussion on how to find […]

The Importance of Using Images In Your Business Website

16th January, 2014 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Website Design

We all hear that a picture is worth 1000 words, and that is particularly correct when talking about your car dealership or business website. Here are only a couple of explanations why you must consider using quality pictures on your car dealer website site: • Prospects notice all images on your website. Your pictures draw […]

Does Your Dealership Staff Understand Their Most Important Duties?

31st December, 2013 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Managing Your Dealership

Nearly all dealer principals and managers think their staff understands their most important tasks. Has anyone asked what the major function of their job is? Your sales rep may think they should sit around and search Facebook and Youtube until and UP / phone call or walk-in comes there way. This is actually all right, […]

Local Internet Marketing Mistakes Your Dealership Is Making

16th December, 2013 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Search Engine Optimization

Local references are different sites on the web where your dealership name, address, and telephone info are recorded. Years ago, the main place that held your neighborhood posting was the Yellow Pages. Fast forward to today and your posting is scattered everywhere throughout the web and, when inaccurate, has the possibility to snowball into many […]

Automotive Mobile Marketing

10th December, 2013 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Mobile Websites

The Importance of Mobile Websites for your Car Dealership There’s no question that cell phones and other mobile surfing products have become a the most used media in all of our lives. It is imporation for you and your Dealership to know that your website should be marketed and optimized for mobile devices such as […]

Tip #5 – Utilizing A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) In Your Dealership

3rd December, 2013 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Marketing Education

Does your Dealerhsip utilize this? The unique selling position, or USP is often one of the most often misunderstood elements of a good sales letter. It’s what separates your vehicles and service sales from your competitors. Let’s take a quick look at some unique selling propositions for your vehicle: 1) Lowest Price – If you’ve […]

Don’t Compete in Your Local Market; Dominate It.

28th November, 2013 | by Sean Patrick | Filed in Marketing Education

Here at AMP Solutions – we typically work with winners. I’m inspired by them. I teach and learn from them, but, every once in a while, we all need to recalibrate our thinking. I mean, really take it up a notch Grant Cardone published a book entitled “The 10X Rule” in which he states, “There is nothing ordinary […]