What car dealers do we work with?

We work with car dealers in both the U.S and Canada from new car dealers and dealer groups to used car dealers.

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What is search engine optimization and how will it help my site?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your web pages more visible to search engines. Improved search engine ranking helps draw more visitors to your website. More visitors to your site translates into more sales for your business.

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How much does a search engine marketing campaign cost?

Search Engine Marketing, internet marketing to increase website traffic, includes search engine optimization (SEO, video, press releases, audio, articles, directories, one-way links and more. The costs are under $250 per week to dominate your business per area. Contact Us today to access your needs.

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How much does it cost to design a web site?

The cost of web site design varies based on several factors including the number of pages, graphics, programming, content development and revisions. A web page with light copy-editing ranges from $2995 for 5 page car loan website to under $6995 for a full blown Custom Content Management Website where you can update and add pages all by yourself – with NO NEED of help with a high price computer expert. We can fit it to your budget.

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What types of web sites can you design?

Anything from Full Flash to regular custom websites and anything in between. Your website strategy and goals determine which design is right for you.

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Can I make changes to my web pages?

Absolutely. You have full access to all your web pages. You can make changes with an html editor or, in many instances, directly through your hosting control panel.

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Do you provide hosting services?

We do provide hosting services and can offer hosting starting at $10.75/mo. This is a huge savings over competitors that charge $29/month.

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What is your payment plan for web site design?

For small projects (less than $3000), we require full payment before beginning work. For all other projects, payments are divided up to 5 installments.

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Can you help with Blogs?

Starting a blog is an excellent way to create content for your website and connect to your customers.

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How would I benefit from an Email Marketing Campaign?

You’ll be able to send targeted messages to your customers and prospects alerting them to special offers, as well as new products and services. This drives more visitors to your website for additional information about your business. “Self-service website” customers reduce the overall cost of your customer support saving you time and money.

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Can you manage our Email Marketing campaign?

Yes, we can manage all aspects of your Email Marketing campaign, including content creation, design services and reporting analysis. We’ll also set up your sign-up form on your website. We’ll manage your list and track response rates of each campaign. Additionally, we can provide coaching and consulting so that you can run your own Email Marketing campaigns.

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Can I put my existing customers on my mailing list?

If you have permission to email your clients, we’ll be happy to import your list. Contact us for details.

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What is involved in Business Consulting?

Business Consulting services focus on specific solutions to help you achieve your desired goals. We will help you align your online and offline marketing strategies, build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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