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1. Do you know the average transaction value (the average sales price) each customer purchases? **Total monthly sales divided by number of customers
 Yes No

2. What are your average monthly sales?

3. Do you have at least 40% of your sales produced by Referrals?
 Yes No

4. Do you contact a First Time Buyer within 30 days of their purchase to check if your customer is satisfied or would like to buy additional products or services?
 Yes No

5. Do you contact your Existing Customer List monthly?
 Yes No

6. Do you contact them in multiple ways. Example: Letters; postcards; e-mail; phone calls?
 Yes No

7. Do you have a yearly Marketing Plan or mapped out?
 Yes No

8. Do your Ads have a deadline?
 Yes No

9. Does your ad have a reason to call other than price?
 Yes No

10. Do you use guarantees in your Advertising?
 Yes No


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