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Marketing Books for Car Dealers & Businesses

Discover Car Dealer marketing strategies proven to create a constant stream of new customers, referrals, and increase leads.

“52 Free / Low Cost Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Attract New Customers & Clients Into Your Auto Dealership In Any Economy”

strategies-for-marketingEvery Customer Marketing Technique in this book has been selected to help your dealership attract a steady stream of new customers and sales at your store. Whether you are a New Car Dealer or Used Car Dealer – it does not make a difference.

Don’t try to implement all 52 Strategies at once. You will find that some are good fit for your dealership right now and others might work better for you at a later time. Read through the entire book first and then select only those Customer Marketing Techniques that can really make a difference in your dealership immediately.

Involve your staff in selecting and implementing each Technique and don’t forget to give your staff credit for their input to your store’s success. Get everyone involved in selecting and recommending the various Strategies.

All the marketing ideas in this book have been proven in all types of businesses across the world, including Car Dealers. They have worked for others and will work for your store.

This Fantastic Book is only $119.00 and includes 3 BONUS sections:

1. 36 Marketing Ideas To Utilize In Your Dealership
2. 4 Powerful Strategies Guaranteed To Grow Any Dealership
3. How to Quickly Grow Your Dealership With Little Money Or Risk


Find out the best ways to market your car dealership or business online with the latest updated book for 2014:

“Rocket Your Dealership Sales Through Internet Marketing”

referral-marketingEvery Internet Marketing tactic and full How-To in this book has been selected to help your dealership attract a steady stream of prospects to your website and leads to your actual Dealership. Whether you are a New Car Dealer or Used Car Dealer – it does not make a difference.

This 72 page jam packed book offers what your Dealership needs to gain a large competitive advantage in your local area.. Read through the entire book first and then begin to implement all the information and ready your staff for take off!

Have your staff go through the book as well and put each sales person in charge of one of the implementation strategies.

In this book you will learn:

Introduction to Web Marketing
Automated Web Marketing
The What and Why’s of Content
Video – What You Need To Do
Social Media for Car Dealers – A How To
Top Tools Your Dealership Needs
And much more!!

Priced at only $59.00 this is a must read.


Is your Dealership looking for an unfair advantage?

If you own a Dealership here’s how to get the unfair advantage you need to win new customers in any marketplace.

Your Unfair Advantage: The Yellow Pages can be an extremely effective advertising vehicle for car dealers serving a local region. Yellow Pages have the most extensive distribution system and a long-lasting shelf life that’s tough to beat with any other advertising venue.
People open up the Yellow Pages and other advertising pieces when they’re ready to buy. This is why Yellow Page Advertising is so expensive, but also so unique.

Your potential customers are beyond the debating process of whether or not to call your Dealership. They are ready to take action – NOW!

You have their attention. They are ready to walk into your Dealership – they are just looking for a reason not to.

Having this remarkable resource is like having an expert in your office with you to help you get the job done!

Some of the benefits include:

What Your business Needs For A Great Ad…
How To Create Attention With Your Customers?…
The Path of Logic for Yellow Page Readers…
How To Create a Customer Response…?
How To Create the Ideal Ad Design?
What To Do IF you are using Colour?
Tricky Tactics For Grab Your Customers
What You Need To Tell Your Customers?
What Powerful Words To Use With Your Customers?
Should You Talk About Your Competition?
How To Create A Customer Driven Headline?
What is Body Copy and What TO Do With It?
And Much More!!

Grabbing your copy of “The Secrets To Yellow Page Advertising” will get more calls and walk-ins to your Dealership.

You will find all this and a lot more. This amazing guide is one of those real treasures no Dealer should be without. Priced at only $97.00, you cannot go wrong.



Does this describe the referral marketing at your Dealership to date?

You are in need of generating more traffic but may be missing either the time or experience to deliver more quality customers to your dealership?

Introducing: “Referral Marketing For Your Dealership”

referral-marketingIn any Dealership, let alone any business, referrals are a critical part of your success. Most people who purchase a service are going to want to know about you and the value they will receive from what you offer. That’s why they often ask friends or other associates for recommendations when seeking professionals, such as an accountant, a doctor, a carpenter or a car dealer.

This book designed to provide unique new business development training and solutions for your Dealership. Learning to play more and work less by creating referrals for life. – Book Yourself Solid with Referrals for 2014. Our clients have increased their business through the implementation of real world referral marketing techniques.

Packed with the top 8 strategies to increase referrals in your Dealership it is an easy purchase at just $59.00.



Car Dealership Marketing Plan & Calendar with Bonus Marketing Checklist
Looking to set an actual plan to increase sales over the next 12 months?

Any smart Dealer Principal or General Manger sets up a plan for their coming week and or day. Do you do this?

Introducing: “Car Dealer Marketing Plan & Calender” Now updated with a bonus Marketing Checklist for 2014!

This book designed to provide a detailed roadmap for the coming year; year after year.

Simply print out the detailed plan of action and fill in the blanks. It is that easy. Your Dealership cannot lose for only $59.00.



Discover Process for Dealership
Penetrating Questions to Help Dealership Get More Control of Their Time,
More Control in your life…and Make more Money

Most successful dealers know that “the person who asks the questions controls the direction of the conversation.” If you’re sales people are always talking, the customer stops listening. But if you let the customer talk – about him or herself – he or she will consider you the greatest conversationalist in the world. And, sooner or later, that customer will tell you the real truth about their situation.

In these pages you will find the “41 Important Questions” allowing you to “control the direction of your own conversation”. See what kind of ideas you get when you ask these questions of yourself. They break down into the three areas I referenced above: controlling your time, controlling your dealership, and making more money.

Priced at only $29.00


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