Self-Promotion For Your Dealership

Are you properly promoting yourself and your dealership? This is a key to solidifying the reasons why someone should visit your dealership rather that your competition.

One thing that I have discovered, in speaking to over hundreds of business owners, is that all business owners believe that their particular business is different. Well, guess what… You are correct!

If you look close enough in your dealership; you will come to the realization that you in fact have something different or special about your dealership. But you are making a BIG mistake…. By keeping this a secret. You have a great opportunity to promote yourselves and your dealership if you start promoting it. And they best part is you can get it done for the cost of a “first class” stamp – just 44 cents currently in the U.S.
What you need is a simple yet powerful postcard that can be mailed to you entire list of contacts, leads and service customers.

You can also write a simple 1-page press release and then send it out in #10 envelope. Your local newspaper and media are hungry for news stories… So make sure they use yours! But they can ONLY use your store if you in fact send them this information.

Making the mistake thinking that they will seek you out your dealership is a big mistake.

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