Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing Sells Cars

A well thought out social marketing strategy will increase your sales and walk in traffic.

This is an untapped gold mine for dealerships! Only recently have dealerships begun to realize this and now they are beginning to be aware of its business potential. Our marketing research has shown that only a few dealerships are now beginning to use social media and the results are excellent. It’s a proven strategy: Social Media sells cars.

Are you tapping into the power of social networking and Web 2.0 sites to connect with more prospects and potential customers?

In these tough times, effective use of social media can mean the difference between a thriving or a languishing car dealership.

Web 2.0 and social media marketing offer dealers a massive opportunity to reach and engage more prospects online in both a highly cost effective and personal manner.

What kind of reach do these sites have? The numbers below will give you a rough idea:

  • Twitter: 8 million users growing at a rate of 40% per month
  • Facebook: Community of 200 million
  • Youtube: 100 million videos viewed daily

“Does social media marketing work or is it just a waste of time?” is a question I often hear from used car dealerships.

Results of a recent survey answer this question and may convince you to start building a social media presence for your dealership (if you haven’t yet already!). Here are some of the highlights:


The majority of businesses (over 80%) reported an increase in attention and exposure for their businesses, with small business owners reporting the greatest benefit. In addition, search rankings also rose (due to the high page rank accorded to popular social media sites by Google), thus increasing these businesses’ chances of being found on the web.

The bottom line? The overall results of the survey point to social media marketing efforts as being beneficial in terms of creating a high impact web presence – thus generating new traffic, leads, and partnerships for businesses who are willing to invest the time to learn and leverage these highly effective tools.

Our Social Media Marketing Package offers:


  • Increase traffic to increase your views, subscribers, comment posts and to get your ranking in Youtube much higher. Youtube account setup included.
  • 1,000 real views per month to your Youtube , have a Youtube channel page *once you continually receive views to your videos will then rank for competitive terms on Youtube (something you want).
  • Comment posts each month on your videos and add subscribers to your Youtube channel page each month.


  • Increase traffic, friends, and fan page groups each month. Continual invitations to friends each month Facebook account setup included.


  • Create an auto authority persona to have large following, and can point traffic to your website, Facebook and Youtube pages. Twitter account setup is included.

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